Petal to the Metal


Petal to the Metal


The Mantra: Be graceful and elegant, like a rose.

The Experience: Floral, sweet, grounded.

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We've all had our fair share of floral, Rose herbal Teas. This time, Rose is taking a back seat as the scent and taste of freshly peeled cardamom pods infuse this Black Tea with a nostalgic, grounding flavor profile.

We're all complicated people, so we've invented a drink for the complex soul. 

Brewing Tips

For this blend, we recommend putting 1 Tablespoon of Tea for every 2 cups (or 16 fluid ounces) of boiled, filtered water. Use boiling water around 208°F / 98°C to draw out the best in the Black Tea. Depending on your strength preference, steep between 3 to 5 minutes. Strain the leaves and serve hot, sweetened, or un-sweetened. We enjoy this blend most with milk.

Each unit contains 30g, or 1 ounce of blended Tea. Serving sizes can change according to how much Tea is used for each cup or pot.

Whenever possible, we'd like to show our appreciation to the farmers who grow, pick, and process the Tea for our blends. For Petal to the Metal, we'd especially like to thank the following grower, and showcase some basic information about where the Tea comes from:

Grower: The Lochan Family of Doke Tea
Teamaker: Neha "Dolly" Lochan
Location: Doke River in Pothia Village - Kishanganj, Bihar District, India
Elevation: 50m (164ft)