White Tea (Coming Soon)

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White Tea (Coming Soon)


The Yang to black tea’s Yin.

Don’t call us crazy, because white tea is just that. Made from even younger shoots and leaves than your run-of-the-mill green tea, this color of tea benefits from an even more hands-off approach, allowing for even more botanical benefits to steep from the leaf to your lips.

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Brewing Tips

For this Tea, we recommend putting 1 Tablespoon of Tea for every 2 cups (or 16 fluid ounces) of boiled, filtered water. Use boiling water around 208°F / 98°C to draw out the best in the Black Tea. Depending on your strength preference, steep between 3 to 5 minutes. Strain the leaves and serve hot, sweetened, or un-sweetened.

Each unit contains 30g, or 1 ounce of White Tea. Serving sizes can change according to how much Tea is used for each cup or pot.

Whenever possible, we'd like to show our appreciation to the farmers who grow, pick, and process the Tea for our blends. For our White Tea, we'd especially like to thank the following grower, and showcase some basic information about where the Tea comes from:

Grower: Hariyali Cooperative
Tea Maker: Sarad Subba
Origin: Jasbirey Village - Ilam, Nepal
Elevation: 1,600m (5,200ft)
Cultivation: Natural (Organic, but no certification)