Good Morning!

Now, I know it's usually a web design and business practice no-no to put in things that draw attention away from your site, but this is a special case. 

You might have noticed the new link along the top, and I'd like to take a moment to explain why it's there.


Rie Tulali, the founder of TeaCurious, is working towards the betterment of tea's future through the pursuit of knowledge, the spreading of said knowledge, and the undertaking of special experiments and projects that relate to how we consume and interact with tea in the current world around us.

As one of the driving forces behind my entire reason of entering the world of tea and the respect we share for the drink (and all of it's symbolism, benefits, and culture), it is absolutely worth your time to follow alongside her if you want to broaden your horizons and learn things you might not have already known.

Her to-the-point, relevant, and easily digestible information she presents is our preferred method of choice to pass down knowledge and prevent the loss of tea's importance in future generations to come.

Here's to the exploration and thrilling adventure in the world of tea!