Valued customers and dear friends, we're reserving this section of the site to write about things that we come across our journey that don't quite belong anywhere else, but are important enough to us that we must make known. 

Today, while thinking deep into what Ruby Lion will represent in the future (specifically how), the topic of transparency came to mind.

When you think about the ocean of products on the market and the various rules and checks that need to be created to ensure the customer gets a honest-to-goodness product into their body, it's paramount that the intention of the company providing that product be genuine and pure. From a bottom-line perspective, cheating the customer by omitting information and cutting corners is profitable, but in the end, isn't the well-being and happiness of ourselves and the people around us vastly more important? 

Tea, by its very nature, cannot and will never have ill-will towards it's consumers. It's the people behind the tea that imbue the leaves with unnatural chemicals, boast about their company's image, and even dictate and define the all-important customer experience with this lack of devotion or ill-intention. 

Moving forward, one of the many goals I wish Ruby Lion to address as a brand, as a company, and down to the core of it's people is the ability to remain transparent to the customer, because honesty has always been the best policy, regardless of what food industry.

It's the absolute least that can be done, because we owe it to them (especially those who are even giving us their hard earned money for our Tea) as decent human beings. 

Thank you to all who have been patient, and continue to be patient with us on the matter.

Signing off,