It all started when…

A nervous young man stepped onto the showroom floor at the World Tea Expo, held in Las Vegas in June of 2016 after many nights of contemplation about entering the world of tea. Armed with nothing but a newly-minted company (named after his birth stone and Zodiac, respectively) and some basic knowledge from two incredibly wise women in the industry, he began to notice something by his third and final day: a disconnection of tea's image and a lack of a unified, American tea culture. 

Inspired by the various blenders and farmers at the World Tea Expo, Ruby Lion's raison d'être was discovered: to deliver quality tea from various farms around the world to the masses using innate passion and enlightened education, along with the courage to take risks that will change how we perceive and interact with tea, in ways other brands would neglect.

Since that day, that young man - now embodying Ruby Lion's mission and passion - conceived, sourced, hand-blended, hand-packed and released the tea to the world at large.

We're firm believers that the time for experimentation and broadening of horizons is now, for the importance of tea to the entirety of the human race is paramount, and cannot be lost in the coming generations. Though it might be just leaves and water, tea is much more. It's a symbol of higher intelligence and class, no matter who you are or where you come from. It diffuses tense situations, and becomes the catalyst to self-reflection and the creation of new ideas. In a world full of hustle, it might be the only thing powerful enough to bring people closer together and to let you take a step back from the grind. 

So join us in creating a future where quality is the norm, and where tea's hidden potentials are unlocked and can be enjoyed by all. We’d love to have you.